Sunday, December 20, 2009

Facts Related To Koozies

Koozie was discovered in the year 1982 and it is made from the material that is used to create wetsuits. It is an incredible fabric or foam device that is particularly premeditated to keep a beverage can or bottle cold. It helps you to prevent the temperature of a beverage such as coffee, beer, cold drinks, soft drinks, etc. It is also called koolie, can cooler, beer hugger, beer sleeve or a stubby holder.

Can coolers are used as marketing tool
Koozie serve as an excellent marketing tool. They help in promoting a particular brand. Many companies use this product as marketing tool because it is not only cheap to produce, but its customary use also brings the company's name to a domestic presence. The organization's logo which is typically printed on the can cooler often serves the dual purpose of promotion of sales as well as entertainment.

Material and Fabric
These products are made from many foam like materials such as neoprene, polyester or open cell foam. They come in numerous design, shape and color. A person can easily find foam koozie, slip on stubby holder, collapsible stubby holder, and water bottle stubby holder in the market.

Benefits and advantages
This product is basically used for keeping the beverages cold. It is used to prevent the wet hands that result when condensation forms on the outside of a can. They even control the temperature of the beverage which is contained in the bottle, cup, or can from having any sort of negative effect on the hand. It basically keeps a drink cold for about 40 minutes. It usually provides immense relief to those people who like to drink hot chocolate at outdoor events or who wish to take coffee to work place. You can even promote a business through this product. It is a very economical tool for marketing a particular brand name. It is also used as a gift item.

Designing a Koozie
A lot many people are involved in the process of designing customized can coolers, huggies, insulated kustom can cooler, coolies, koozies for parties, wedding kustom stubby holder, coozies, foam can holder or can cooler, and promotional kustom can cooler. Today huge number of people design koozies for holidays, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and other special events.

Nowadays, a lot many people love to collect koozies in their homes from weddings, picnics or from offices. It is extremely appropriate for camping, picnics, sports games and other travel. They have dual impact on each and every individual. They keep the drink cool as well as advertise a particular brand.